Broken Angel

Broken Angel


She was his broken Angel...

His Queen he'd save in time.

Her wing was torn and broken.

But threads of Love would bind.

Compassion can heal the Hurt.

Of a wing that's bent from flight.

Finds beauty in the world around ...

To chase away our fright.

A heart for one another. 

But broken from Loss and Pain.

Hers was the bigger half..

For the amount of grief sustained. 

He knew not she was broken.

For he was Broke as well.

His Strength, Confidence,  Stability. .

Were an illusion she knew too well.

Two halves that make a whole.

Two wings that fly as one.

Even when we are all Broken.

Two hearts can mend with Love.


For two jagged hearts combined.

Sometimes the one whose broken.

Can save one's Life with time.

Sometimes we Break from Learning.

True Lessons of how to fly.

But Lessons learned are precious.

And strengthen given time.

Written and Composed By:  Denise Hall-Campbell



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to Christa Fennell & Tony Quiles.....Thank you for asking me and inspiring me to write this my dear friend Christa.  I knew when I heard the story and saw the beautiful picture of the depiction that this poem represents it well.  That it would be a marvelous creation.  As always I give the Glory for the gift and talent I posess.  I'm just the instrument that he uses to touch peoples lives through my heartfelt words.  Reflections from his heart to mine to give to the world.  Reflections from the Heart.  


The story is yours but many others see the depth it represents.  If it can speak to someone and touch them because of their own experiences.  Well that is the truest blessing anyone could receive.  To touch someone's heart that's what the creator meant for me.  In Christ's Love Denise M. Hall-Campbell 

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