To Her

Do my words find you? Do they speak?

Better question, is your answer the one I seek?

Do you care or do you just not see,

That without you I am not me?

Or maybe I put it all in something fake.

Something only real to me, built up to one big break.

Or is what I hold really true?

That the one i'll always love is gonna be you?

These are just the thoughts of a hopeless Romantic.

A guy who believes in fairy tales no matter how dramatic.

Someone who believes in the power of love, no matter the cold hard facts

The guy who doesn't sit and think before he acts.

Am I wrong to care that much? 

Is it wrong that I haven't known anything like your touch?

I may not be perfect, you know that well.

Past actions you may always dwell.

Maybe my meaning in this will be lost, over your head it flew

And if so I'll make this easy and just say it, I love you.

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