A night with Bear

he barks at coyote

coyote howls

he eats his food

the big cat prowels

coyote quiets

the small cat smiles

he lays back down

we listen to owls



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Best wishes✨



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Dogs are awesome! I just got

Dogs are awesome! I just got a puppy. Named her Dasha. It means gift from God.

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Dogs are wonderful

We have 4 good dogs here. They are all wonderful and get along splendidly. Grateful for our furbabies! Nice to see you around here, Cascade!

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Bear Is A Cat, Right?

Good 2 C U in words  ~S~ Cool




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Bear is a bear dog. Lol. Been a while since eeked something out.

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Huskie Big?

  • Bear Dog. Must be great to have a dog. Nice write - from the life of an Oreganian ;D