No longer

do I feel

The heartache

of our missing

No longer

am I capable 

Of feeling

less than worth




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by thoughts of old thoughts

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Starward's picture

This resonates deeply in that

This resonates deeply in that place in my soul where the thoughts are too personal to openly disclose, but I sure do appreciate how this poem has reached me, and comforted me.


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Morningglory's picture

That comfort

That makes me happy. It's always Nice to bring comfort even if I don't know all the details. Thank you for sharing with me my friend. :)

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allets's picture

“Thoughts of old thoughts”

Well named: Old! If I get any more worthy I am going to burst and get worthiness and worth pieces all over you!  :D



Morningglory's picture


You make me chuckle, Stella!

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Cascade's picture

Bravo, poetess!

Bravo, poetess!

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Thank you!

Big smiles!

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