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Seems to me that God is a name we use to describe the all encompassing all of everything that is was or ever will be. Therefore, ALL things written by man or otherwise are still God's words. The good, the bad and the ugly. The truths, the lies, the deceit. The love, the hate, the beliefs. The lives, the deaths, and the streets. We are All children of God or, at least, a tiny sliver of a peace/(piece). 

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Inspired by, "think about it" by shilah_sylvester

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Scholars Would Have A Field Day

Syllogisms: God is everything. Evil is a part of everything, therefore God is evil. Man made god in his image so he would never be alone and not fear death. The ultimate Voo Doo, it does not work. Like tv, something to get lost in and declare, "I'm alive!" When ultimately you are conditioned to buy, be docile, be controlled. Welcome to the new jungle.




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Coyote falls for his own trix.

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A fascinating viewpoint! Even

A fascinating viewpoint! Even though I have long referred to God as "All That Is" and "Source" it always confounded me how hate and cruelty could exist in this loving, all encompassing life force which is reality itself.


But your definition was so intelligent and so enlightening, I think I finally get it! So well-conceived and life-altering . . . I don't think it was a coincidence that I found this brilliant perspective, because I have been asking some questions this has answered. 


Mind. Blown. 


Thank you! 

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Humbled... I am

Sometimes I contemplate things such as, "what is the experience of the leaves on trees?" Do they play out scenarios as they live and cry when their brethren fall to the ground?


Existence is a wonderous wonder...

Death is a mystery we all fall under.


Thank you! 

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