Strung out

This is hard for me right now

as I am at a stage in my life 

Where I am learning 

To say no to emotional manipulation. 


To say yes right now does not feel

As if it would be coming from a space of love.

Rather, it feels like a twisting of arms

By attempting to pull on my heart strings.


Well my hearts strings recently fell off.

So, there really aren't any to pull anymore.

Instead, you are pulling at my will,

And my will says no, I'd rather throw up.



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Fallen Heartstrings, Batman!

pick up weave or glue back together and feel all of it. Say no and then say yes to creative thinking - slc... 



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I like creative thinking

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emotional manipulation is the

emotional manipulation is the worst.  True love and true friendship doesn't play those games

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Guilt trip

It feels so horrible I want to throw up. Everything inside me wants to scream NO! 

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Been there, experienced that,

Been there, experienced that, all too recently.  You describe it very well.


[* /+/ ^]

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I don't like this feeling. It's too much pressure. If I don't do it, I am breaking a heart and how dare I? OMG! 

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