Todays rambling free wright

Today i have leaned in

Caressing the edges of my sadness

I allowed the tears to flow

In defiance of feeling

It was all done to prevent myself

From succeeding in that play

I didn't think I deserved

The love that came my way

I chose that which I did not want

To the point of not knowing

What it is I want

To succeed I suppose is scary

So I trampled my dreams

Destroying the dreams 

Of others

Which did

Include my presence

I want to rise 

Above the ashes below me

I am rising

No one could show me

But they do

And it's love

Who knows me

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The Edges Of Sadness

Are to be scaled to rise above. Love is all around us battling hate. 



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If you give love you will

If you give love you will receive love in return.  Love will, indeed, know you.

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you deserve all the love you

you deserve all the love you can get

ron parrish

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Thank you, my friend. I do deserve it. If the economy were based on love, I would be rich it. 

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ron parrish

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No, not damn, blessed

There are an abundance of people in this world who love me. And I them. It's great. They remind me I am worthy. That helps me remind myself.

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good for you

good for you

ron parrish