"I can't be without my ego she's my partner in crime"

she was crying about her dog

as we discussed poetry

and the ice cream man

her dog just hit by a car

had run away

she said his name was ego

he wouldn't listen to anyone but she

I couldn't help the metaphore

there upon the scene

as I am checking ego

within my very being

she said she can't be without her

she's her partner in crime

I couldn't help but question

the meaning in my mind


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Great Name For A Dog

Ego. The metaphor works too - my ego was hit by a car and I was in the hospital, the Id and Super Ego came to visit - the possibilities are endless :D slc



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That's what I thought too. My spirit took it all in as if she were there to remind me that we wouldn't survive if completely egoless.

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sounds like a spiritual

sounds like a spiritual moment

ron parrish