Oh this dilema. Again

I am struggling with wanting to quit. Did it before and remember what worked. With the previous experience I have convinced myself that I need to be without stress for this journey. Then life throws me stressors and I continue making excuses.


"I need three days alone in the woods."


Am I brave enough? I have inner demons who think I need tobacco to stay grounded. Yes, I could use all the tools I gained. But do I? No. I don't feel like meditating. I don't feel like doing the breathwork. I am not ready to face the healing from what I have been thrOugh. 


I have blocked my expression that I may not face myself. I continue to unheal addiction while healing the mind of unhealth.





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Going somewhere with this without going anywhere

Inspired by Randy Johnson


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Blame it....

Blame it on the heat-wave in your part of the globe... Be happy



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The heat wave. All the sun's fault. Usually we blame it on the moon. Not this time! ;p

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good luck,but it will work

good luck,but it will work

ron parrish

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I might have to reread my own work. Will it work? The only thing that can is me my willingness to not. 

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Sugar & Carbs

are mine to struggle against for health. Daily bread pushes the numbers too high. Keep at it. Survival is for survivors. slc



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Daily bread

Need to make sure we get more of that. We are gaining much needed weight though. Food is good!

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