Truly Disgusted

Sickened by my own decision of partner because all we end up having is collisions... departure is where we're heading to, we do contain love inside but only for a few moments then back to not knowing what to do. Caught up in a commitment, handling verbal abuse everyday, I stand here being convicted as I view down to pray. My beautiful glow became dimmed by those who hate the truth, that's when I gag and usually throw up the duce but it's as if I'm trapped inside of a spiders web. Withheld from freedom of decisions, expressing what's inside and kept in confusion of a wicked life I live... I would rather not continue to give now and become cold enough to make others freeze before getting any closer to me. "Jeeze" why do people go forward with fucking me over and not realize that I'm just becoming bolder by turning my shoulder to what is expressed to me, I am too deep in being depressed I can not save myself. Grossed out on how specific people can live tampering with those weaker than them, acknowledging that one day they will face God risking to get condemned. Don't forget there are those that enjoy stimulating people's minds by gaming, making them think until they no longer can keep up and begin to just sink.

                  Marcelina Flores

                 -April 16th, 2014-

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