I've lived 68 years --- this past month jan/2020

It's been a long & full life for me


I wanted to make a list during feb / 2020

the month - Saint Valentine made famous

a long time ago


of girls & women  I've met in my past

and through-out my life

by thinking & reflecting back now

those girls & women were just your

regular everyday people  like all of us are

bearing still  this life's heartaches & strife


but yet I believe   even today feb / 2020

for whatever reason they came here

to this humble, little, blue & green round thing

this place    we still affectionately call home

there are way way better places for them

to live & explore & even just roam


yet they came voluntarily  to slug it out with the rest of us

for the next 50 to 100 years  they came as volunteers 

willingly  knowing the kind of shape

this place called earth   is in right now

I'm speechless   all I can think of is holy cow


It's hard to believe someone   (   anyone   )   doing that

showing the kind of Faith & Courage

most of us came here to learn & earn our wings

like that old American Christmas Show  back in the 1940s


but these girls & women    came to this place

because they wanted to help mankind & womankind

through these troubled times  that we're faced with

right now in 2020     & many years beyond

making no sense or rhyme


talk about kindness & compassion etc

for me     It's hard to understand

that kind of Christian     Caring & Bravery

it's a stretch of the imagination

for me at least & to say the least


anyways there are 7 women altogether

or 7 in total

listing from west to east





there was a young girl/woman

I first met at the Georgetown Ontario

train station / GO station


and just by pure blind luck

some months later

we met again at London Ontario

She was with a girlfriend

I was with my   then fiancee


I was stunned & speechless

I thought to myself    was this really happening

or was this just my idiot imagination

playing tricks on me along with my usual dumb luck


I felt like    I had just been run over

by a full sized   brand new mack truck

there really was nothing left to say

I was totally blown away



her hometown   Sarnia Ontario

her name ?

 her age was 17 to 24

 back there in 1976 or 1977 or 1978

 her hair color medium to dark brown

 her personality

 happy, cute & totally innocent



#2 (A)



I met a nurse at the Whitby Ontario Hospital

long weekend  may 1979 a different innocent time

when songs & poems & stories always came in rhyme


although I was in the middle of a nervous, stressed-out meltdown

I can still remember  that whole weekend

was cold, dark, wet & overcast

I prayed it would be over soon

and quickly forgotten and  left back there in the past


I do remember this woman / nurse   she had dark hair

and she was lookin' real good - it was just nature's will -

life was unfolding even back then    as it should


but to a young guy    totally stressed-out & mixed up

& confused & thoroughly frightened --- as to where I was headed

somewhere or someplace I truly dreaded


later while passing thru several heavy bolted and locked doors

to me everything was off center back then

even the damned floors

naturally for me   I did have

and still do have  even today   a problem with


 sometimes it can be as bad or as difficult

as a dog gone mad in late summer -- yes rabid

and full of rabies    and terrified of water

with it's modern official name of hydrophobia


but during that time  that one nurse just doing her part

on that day we first met   my fate was sealed

my mind was now set and healed


and thank GOD for people like her

to me she was 3 things that came wrapped up in one human

a nurse & a woman & a SAVIOUR

any intelligent person  would have to agree or concur


but this young woman   all by herself

she mended   my then shattered mind, self-confidence

& nerves  as she picked up the many broken pieces

of my personality  and softly yet gently

put them back together again

she had to be more then just a nurse or woman

at least someone that was a GOD-SEND



#2 (B)


days later

just by her compassion & not laughing

this same nurse encouraged me

to go back to my hometown


she said

your mind is healed now

like a wound that's been sutured

and not worry about life or the future


she said

Terry   everything's OK

it will all work out OK

believe me I just know it will

actually there's nothing more to say

I just know it will all work out  OK


#2 (C)


 and that our small town there

just a ways away but not too far

along the 401 highway

passing many detours & byway


it sounded like a kind, caring & laid-back spot

with camping & swimming & stuff

during the summers

when the weather could grow sultry & hot


she encouraged me to overcome the tough times

think about those days when the sun really shines

and the whole park grows sultry and hot

almost like ripley's  believe it or not


besides  people will be pulling for you

once you get back home

always remember there's no place like home

wherever & whatever place you may roam

there's no place quite like home


I'll never ever forget her

for her moral support & compassion

even if those kind of things  are way out dated now

and yes -- even kind of old fashioned


I'll always love her for those things

if only in a kind of or sort of -- long distance way


but I still feel she must have come here

wisely & modestly concealing the reason she came

for coming to this planet --a very coarse & harsh --

- dog eat dog kind of world - these modern days -

like the state we're in right now


for the most part -- it's not a real friendly place --

it's a struggle sometimes -- this continuous conflict --

this trouble right here and way way beyond

way way out there in deep deep space


but surely -- she must have concealed an ANGEL'S HEART

you would have to be blind not to see it

I knew it right from the word GO

I could easily tell

it was clear as a bell


#3 (A)


 a woman with black hair -- early 1970s

working in a midway booth at our small town fall fair

with a winning smile & not a single serious care

she was so good looking  it's hard & difficult

to find just the right words to describe

her healthy, soft, summer evening glow

that was her face and hair

and how my heart did start to melt

because of the way I felt


back there in early evening just after the sun set

and the last remaining daylight faded away

there are no words to clearly describe

that's all I can say

there under the bright yet soft midway lights

when the whole fairgrounds became enveloped in darkness

to say otherwise would be a lie  I would later regret

and most likely confess


somehow she knew my first name  and she said --Hi Terry --

I'll probably never know or understand how she knew

my name -- just one of life's mysteries -- I guess  --

who really knows this kind of stuff  --I DON'T --

yes with total and complete honesty now --I confess --


she must have been born into this world

as some former -- long ago SAINT --

someone or something along that line

all I know for sure is she looked good to me

she looked cool and smooth and fine

just someone or something along that line


and let's say if reincarnation --- is a real thing after all ---

and GOD I truly hope it is --- I'm counting on it ---

right here and now today feb / 2020


say if it is a real thing --- all hard work would be---

finished & done and the shop would be closed

and I would start having a ball -- as any future trouble --

would have passed  --- and the world would now just be pure fun ---

let's say if reincarnation --- is a real thing after all ---


she was one of a kind --- they must have broken the mould ---

on that special day --- she was born ---

like that old nursery rhyme --- about the fall harvest ---

horn of plenty --- they called it --- or later dubbed it ---





the horn of plenty ---- the motherlode--- & treasure ---

of every child's --- old fashioned toy chest ---

was a " CORNUCOPIA " of delight --- that fall and autumn harvest ---

as the world was won --- no more work or strife ---

just pure harmless fun --- for each and everyone---


her name ?

hair color black

height 5'4" to 5'8"

her age 25 to 35

her hometown OSHAWA ONTARIO





 a very young & innocent teen

but a grown woman now 50 years later



her 1st name was lori

we first met summer 1970

I met her a 2nd time summer 1972

this sounds like a load of strange stuff

but believe me  it's all true

I met her thru her older sister  who I sometimes dated


lori may have been born just an ordinary person

but to me she was someone born with an honest and sincere

and tender soul -- stuff like this made my young single life

complete and whole even a halfwit or nut case

couldn't miss it   her innocence & beauty  were 10 fold


like the song says  

it was clear & straightforward

and I knew from the start

'cause when I saw her pretty face

that was the last I saw of my heart


and although

I will always love her older sister

and that will never change even though it sounds

weird & strange

I still feel the same way right now in 2020

after 50 years have come and gone

and yes I'll admit it this point in time

my heart still longs for her

with this short poem and brief rhyme


but lori

was a cute, innocent & natural blond

she looked the very same as her 3 older sisters

they were all quite attractive & yes natural blondes

and they were all from BOWMANVILLE ONTARIO


yet lori was born an ANGEL and I knew it right from the start

'cause when I first saw her pretty face

that was the last I saw of my heart


I envy those lucky, young, single guys

over there along the 401 highway



there's nothing left to say  but what a great town

and what a great day  full of beautiful natural blondes

each and every day




 a fun loving woman from Kingston Ontario


we first met on the long weekend of may 24TH 1972

just after dark at one of our many

Canadian Provincial Parks


the night we met

I was chewing tri-dent sugarless bubble-gum

when I told her it was bubble-gum 

she burst out laughing

she thought I was nuts & hilarious

some guy in his 20s -- chewing bubble-gum

I fell hard for her -- I knew my fate was set


please believe me -- when I say that Kingston Ontario

has a lot of good-looking women -- down that way


they've always had a more advanced

and modern spot -- then most towns

their city is laid out & designed

like a miniature  ( and now world famous )



I know it was dark the night we met

but still -- I could tell she was quite pretty

from the city of SIR JOHN A MACDONALD

confederation's first prime minister

CANADA'S very first capital city


those were all good things

rolled into a cute woman's heart

and thinking back about it all now

48 years later

I guess that was just her way

there's nothing more I can add or say


and yet I must be true & confess

that night we met and dated

I was drunk and a bit of a mess


her hair color dark or black

complexion   fair ? & light ?

It was late

age 25 to 30

height 5'4" to 5'8"


her name ?  her looks ?

her personality was young, fun & care-free

as far as I could see









the capital city

late december back in 1973

ground floor -- side entrance ?

where all the women -- were young & pretty

up there in the capital city


cute girl/woman

working as the winter coat check attendant


she must have thought  -- I was a half stoned

American Hippie Visitor --- but still a long, long, way

from San Francisco California U S A

and I must have lost my way

from their summer revolution of love of 1967

anyways -- it was still close to heaven


when the entire world was watching them

watching history unfold  -- back during that famous

summer of love 53 years ago -- from this calendar year

at least that's what I'm told


but this very young OTTAWA PERSON

who was born many years later --- mind you ---

she almost had to have come to this place

with lots of kindness & grace

and yet still --- wisely concealing her ANGEL'S HEART

any normal person could see it -- right away from the start


because when she cast her innocent & magical spell

there in my direction --- and right at me ---

I could just tell --- way back then

I'd never ever be quite the same

I couldn't even remember my name


like the song by a famous woman singer

OOOOOHHHH please don't break the spell

it would be different ---- and you know it will ----


and the world will be a perfect spot then

a really great place to be

to live and grow in ONTARIO

and raise a family


and ---someday soon --- so don't ever give up hope

follow your heart ---- always hold on to the end ---

just stay on our side and keep being a friend


so GOD --- please be fair --- please say you'll swear ---

that you'll never let this cute young thing ---

if even by pure accident --- break her innocent & magical ways

back then -- during those magical and carefree days




like back during the 1st night we met

when she first cast her spell

with it's quiet & subtle & romantic beauty

way way back then and there ---

in my direction ---

and right back at me

back in late dark december 1973


her name ?

hair color   medium to dark brown or maybe black

complexion   fair, light, soft and bright

her age 17 to 21

her smile   soft & chaste & child-like


the capital city


where all the young women up there

were quite beautiful and just pretty

height 5'4" to 5'8"

her smile ( I simply have to say again )


rare & priceless & magical

an actual buffed polished stone or gem


I know I was tired that night we met

the hour was quite late

actually she probably was

5'4" or closer to 5'8"






summer 1976


tall slender woman

sitting & waiting in a brand new auto showroom

of a new volkswagen dealership -- PORT ARTHUR --

side of THUNDER BAY -- and far away from the --



the volkswagen car -- the GERMAN AUTO MAKERS ANSWER  --

for power and speed and style and lots of leg room   --

the result of time tested and world famous --

world renowned -- GERMAN ENGINEERING --

on display there that summer of 1976 --

in that very same auto showroom --


44 years ago in the past to the exact calendar year

if not the exact day  way way back then & there

in that great town of THUNDER BAY


I may have walked into that very same brand new

volkswagen dealership showroom yet all, I know is

'cause when I first saw her

for me (myself )  it was love at first sight --

 I thought --- was this a dream? ---

or had my ship finally reached port and at long last come into sight

right there in that dealership showroom -- no matter if it was --

the full light of day or the SACRED darkness of night


I kind of or sort of sensed -- that she was also hoping --

that I would say something -- to start a conversation --

just to sort of break the ice -- between 2 lonely strangers --


I simply didn't have the courage back then --

to speak to such a knock-out number like her --

especially at 10 A M -- on a  work-day morning --

and cold sober at that -- there under the sun's harsh glare --

sometimes the frustration -- just doesn't seem fair


while some lucky dudes or salesmen  come with the gift of gab --

and they can chat the day away -- with any and all women --

no matter how good-looking they are or happen to be --

 I truly hope from this mental anguish --

I will someday be set free -- it's a struggle sometimes

that's very easy to see -- even for shy dudes like me




while most of us guys -- simply won't say anything at all --

when we're around members of the fairer sex

it almost seems like a spell or some damned HEX

or like some damned VOODOO thing --

that keeps a guy's heart

always on some idiot string --



she looked to me -- as if she was part of a

high class fashion magazine lay out --  I stressed


someone along that line I guessed


but actually & seriously now

I was looking for service & repair -- on that day --

way way back in 1976 -- way way back then and there

during that summer in PORT ARTHUR   THUNDER BAY


there's nothing to add to it

there's nothing more to say

back then 44 years ago -- that have passed now

sort of or pretty well -- right to the day


to me she appeared to be a bit lonely  -- like me --

and leaning towards an interest -- in meeting new people --

actually  she might -- not have even been --

from THUNDER BAY -- herself -- hopefully we'll later see --


I really don't know anything about her

and thinking back about it today

and trying hard to be practical and realistic

and trying hard not to be silly or wishful or a bit sadistic

all I really know about her are these few words as follows

while trying to fill in the cracks and hollows


she was tall and slender model type

a totally beautiful dark haired woman


her name ?

her age 23 to 35

height 5'8" to 5'10"

her hair color

medium to dark brown or maybe black


charlie 777

feb / 2020



final summary for feb /2020


because of the shape of our world is in right now

during 2020 and many years yet to come in the future

I would say it to anybody and everybody


this is no time to start

"cooking the books "

or working with  " creative accounting "

or any other shady deals


against your fellow Christian

or anyone at all of any sincere faith

no matter their name or color or beliefs

or creed or home country or race  etc   etc  etc




will only make matters worse for all of us

like that tired old telephone scam or outright fraud

run by a bunch of crooks


as an office employee for about 50 years

believe me -- when I say --

I've heard and seen every trick

and every nut story right to this day

that ever came down the river

or across the bay


if I was really interested in money

I'd be totally pissed off

with he whole shooting match



charlie 777

feb / 2020

final closing summary


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I should publish some of mine. Broken up and posted in parts would be more easily digested. Did not finish. Will come back later and do another 100 words.