I'm posting this letter

on the internet

for all the

young and modern people

who follow these notes

(once in a while and not very often)

occasionally now

by this old geezer

charlie 777


when I was young

& adventurous

in the mid 70's

there in our time


I took a job

at first --- I felt fine ---

way way up in  Canada's mining regions

about 500 miles north

of the last railway line


it snowed like hell

straight on

for 17 months


I swear

I never saw the sun

not even once


the snow piled up outside

and always extremely cold

it came close

to 13 feet high

it almost touched the sky


my cabin was pretty well

right out of sight up there

& totally black as coal

what a nut place,     what a rat hole


the thermometer

read 80 below

now mind you

thats not in

celsius or centigrade

or anything metric


that's in good old


to help this 

older gent


keep things ok in his head

and keep things straight

and to just forget about

what other folks thought or said


at nights

I got bundled up

in all kinds of different layers

of very heavy duty bedding


like genuine eskimo parkas

full body ski-doo suits

siberian sleeping bags

and sometimes



I often thought to myself

if by chance there are some

polar bears


still alive out there

--they alone --

---would --- probably ---

--- know how I ---

-- felt ---


when I mentioned

that it was 17 months

of nothing at all

but black dead winter


sooner or later

everyone & anyone

up there


learns how to pray

or maybe

just a short silent prayer

to ask god to be fair


to somehow show them

----- HOW TO GET TO HELL -----

----- OUT OF THERE -----


but being completely

honest (to GOD) now

everyone reading this today

has got to know

what I'm trying to say


I'll confess right now


I was stuck up there

for 1 year, 9 months

12 days and

1 solid week   -----  so to speak


it was really, really cold

a very strange yet remarkable



where the wood

for the cooking stove

was always frozen


(I know you've

probably already

guessed it by now)


but the doggoned stuff

wouldn't cut or split

it would only splinter


after all it ----was just another----



old fashioned



but seriously now

just for a change of pace

this posting wasn't

supposed to be the case

to talk about one of my

-- Paul Bunyan--

-- Walt Disney stories---


it was meant to be sent

to an incredibly beautiful

young blond woman

born & raised in Toronto

Ontario’s capital city


just down the road

--- A way's ----


where the women have

tons of class

& lots of natural

 --- chaste - styles --


but most of all

they're just really really pretty

just down the road

 --- A way's ----


over there in Ontario's

 --Capital City ---


but this one blond woman

I have never even met

or had the pure blind luck


to say -----hi-----

or maybe to have-----

a brief dance

or just look at her for a moment


but from this older fella

from a small farming town





what else can I say

BUT    WOW    &    HOLY    COW

just before I run away


but what on God's green earth

would I do or say


--if I ever did meet her ---

-- I just know myself ----

-- I'd blush -clam-up---and--

--- I'd probably really would ---

--- simply run away---


-- if it did ever come to pass --

--that we met on that very day ---


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Enjoyed this very much. xP

Enjoyed this very much. xP