open door's

               RANDOM THOUGHTS           


Time flies still we never see what's around us

Word's spoken but never fully understanding

what it truly mean's  

Could you feel someone's true pain  

the love they carry or is that insane

What is there to gain through all the shame  

so we find ourselves fighting for better   

with unknown thought's as the world get's worse


Was I meant for this time 

Does the past suite my mind 

I often think this world's to crowded  

So I hide out like a coward  


I see the gun by his head 

Now the old man is dead 

Look at this mess and the world is still



So sad to see their mind's in the gutter 

Not another seen with this selfish lover

Cannot stand to feel, so I lay with my head under cover

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KindredSpirit's picture

Like this

Great timing.


Check your spelling

miss.meek's picture

thank you and will check that

thank you and will check that

J meek

Sassylass's picture


You wrote well,spell check needed,but you boldly declare your point of view about the status of this world and you had good imagery in doing this.

I just have a bit different  view about the same topic )

 Be blessed and keep those syllables  coming:)

Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....



miss.meek's picture

thank you so much for making

thank you so much for making me check my spelling

And thank you for reading my poem

J meek