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The labor market is currently undergoing a transformation. In the everyday life of companies includes the concepts of staff leasing and outsourcing. This makes it possible to make the approach to personnel more flexible and adaptive to new conditions, while not reducing the pace of production and reducing the costs of the recruitment and adaptation process.
In the future, more and more companies will turn to such an “uberized” approach to personnel, so now launching your own project in this area may be quite promising.
In addition, there is already a shortage of personnel in some industries, for example, in IT. And a company that will hire specialists or select entire remote teams for specific projects and customer needs can be quite in demand.
Of course, to start such a business, it is important to understand the specifics of the market and have good contacts in the environment and portfolio. And also invest enough money in website development, marketing and a competent sales department. This can take from 1 to 5 million rubles. But the level of the average check for the work of a specialist or turnkey development ranges from 200 thousand rubles to 2-3 million, respectively, which makes such an undertaking, with all the labor and monetary costs, quite profitable.
Household chemicals and hygiene products
The share of imported or partially imported non-food products in the country until recently amounted to about 70 percent. Now, when many foreign companies have left the market, and new supply chains have not yet established themselves in this niche, domestic suppliers can take it.
At the same time, hygiene products are essential goods, they will be bought in any crisis. Household chemicals can be partially replaced by "folk remedies", but demand will not completely disappear either. People may choose more budget options, but still continue to buy products.
In order to take a good share in the market, it is necessary to establish large-scale production and invest in marketing. These are expenses of tens of millions of rubles, but the turnover can be corresponding. However, you can start small in this niche.
Demand will be redistributed and even boutique companies will get it. A small online store - a reseller of goods from China, or manual production of cosmetics for the home, or hygiene products from natural materials - all these are quite promising areas, while not requiring large investments. For this you need to use phone number search by adress. This is help to open your business.
For the resale option, you will need money for renting a warehouse, purchasing goods, logistics and promotion. In general, you can keep within 1-1.5 million rubles at the start. You will also need to register at least an IP.
But in the story with goods of own production at the start, you can get by with self-employment and cooperation with large marketplaces to sell goods. Here, the costs are much more modest, 50 thousand rubles may be enough, some of which will go to the purchase of components and production, as well as advertising inside the trading platform.
The same story as with household chemicals and hygiene products. Major players leave the market, there is no way to pay for the order in foreign stores. But the demand for clothes remains - it is always needed. At the same time, you can enter a niche with the services of an atelier as a self-employed person, work at home and gradually expand as orders grow. You can engage in resale, or you can immediately play big - build your own production. In the near future there will be a lot of places in this niche for everyone.
Manufacture of furniture and household goods
Demand for this category of goods will sag during the crisis, however, it will not disappear at all, and there will be sales. And with the departure of foreign companies in the niche, more space is freed up for both private initiatives and manufactories, as well as intermediary business.
Outsourcing services
Anyone can start working for themselves, regardless of the availability of start-up capital. Offer your professional services even in repair and manicure, even in jurisprudence, accounting and marketing. For this, the mode of self-employment or IP is suitable. Depending on turnover. We are recommedned to use find people quick servcie for this task.
In the post-pandemic period, the outsourcing market has grown. In the current crisis, demand also continues to grow, and now every fifth company employs freelancers to work on certain tasks. Outsourcing is cheaper than regular units, and in a crisis, if you save money, then you earn money. Therefore, the demand for freelancing will grow.
Helpful Hints
If you are self-employed, do not forget that since October last year, you have been able to pay via a QR code - this is almost a full-fledged acquiring that simplifies payment acceptance.
Also, the self-employed can count on state support: preferential loans from 1 to 5 million rubles, free legal and financial advice, simplified lease of municipal property, access to general contracting and quotas for the purchase of services from small businesses - all this works, and this should be used.
Also, universal advice in a crisis for entrepreneurs of any level - automate processes, do a "smart" business, even if your work is far from technology. CRM systems, chat bots, automated accounting, personnel production, electronic document management - all this saves resources, regardless of the scale of the business, and frees up the entrepreneur's time for what he loves.
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I've got one that tops your

I've got one that tops your whole list 


#1 - Be born to a really rich family. 


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