The Strength to Believe


Trials and tribulations

stigmas and stipulations;

with my arm out to reach

in a cordiform sea,

a sever cut deep

sacraficing the heart that beats-

for the world to see;

I gave every part of me,

fortune, and fame

is all part of the game;

love and jealousy is conditioned affinity.

What's quality when they want quanity?

all that could come to be

and all that is left to keep 

lives a melody and a memory.

Living in the elements is serenity

away with the baracade of this exoskeleton

reveals all that is left and all that has been-

1,000 words and a photo for you to see-

beyond the skies, beneath the tides 

there's only truth once revealed were the lies

and all thats' disguised with a smile and doe eyes.

Another montage in the midst of a mirage-

one must have the strength for a life to keep-

living for a new reason once granted a day worth breathing

knowing all things are meant to be, and serendipity is

fullfilling a purpose once one starts to believe.

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Starward's picture

Quite an engaging poem, but

Quite an engaging poem, but those last two lines are highly powerful!


[* /+/ ^]

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a highly enjoyable piece

a highly enjoyable piece