Ridin' Ready


You misted your presence 

back into my life.

Bioluminescent energy of particles

re-aligned. The calm before the storm

a thunder in my bones, lightning to the core-

of all this poetry; always craving more of your seductive taste.

The taste between my lips

as we catch up on memories we've lived,

and after all this time

you're the lightning within my mind 

changing between red and blue

our auras align and I start to feel home within you.

Making a fire in my mind, igniting more than I

wanted to remember I missed about you. I thought I had bid adieu.

Now you're back in my mind, slept by my side,

cells dancing as I felt so alive, our breaths panting 

knowing for damn certain:

you're that one person 

I was meant to remember

when we came into this life.

And even if we never cut the cake

and make the vows to forever save,

I wil know within my soul

no fight nor flight lives in your mind

just peace when I look in your eyes,

now I can't let go

Oh how I want you to know.


(Part 1 : Ready for the Road)

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zebrablack's picture

a great poetic contemplation

a great poetic contemplation ...and beautifully inked