And how does one "Deal"

with their complex simplicity so well?


It is both a blessing and a curse 

to be still and accept 

what you deserve?


Is this game we play

part of what makes each day mundane?


How is it that you mind can go anywhere

When the body stays?


Have you learned the secret

to accepting life in the present each day?


Questions I'll ask myself

when I turn 98.

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an extatential contemplation

 Of course a questioning poem can be retorical and yet yours may beg me for an answer or so the aberation apprears and the answer may well be you wont have to wait till 98

It is my experience; that to accept the day one must except each moment and then each second and then even each infintesmal mili second till one is entirely consumed with the instant of self This is done by perfect concentration on the breath till nothing else exists. Other than that at least in my experience you may find some contendeness but probably not with out sone disquieting gnawing despair as you will enevitably contemplate the unknown

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Well said, I appreciate your

Well said, I appreciate your feedback!

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Well im an older man and looking at your pic and reading your piece thought you an industrious optimistic asperational fire point of a girl  ;)