Social Distancing

Trees stand alone  ..whispering,

“Come sit in my shade, cool

against the summer’s heat

fading in the blades of grass.”


The grass shouts “run through me

find the four leafed clover.

Roll on me down the slope

to the clear and cool brook.”


The brook babbles “Wade in,

feel water barely touched

by the still, heated air

as I flow with the path.”


The path speaks adventure

“Take me to explore wood,

cool in shade. Yes explore.

So much we have to share.”


In their part of the world

trees, grass, brook, path do not know

nor understand the concept

of social distancing.


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uninvited_1's picture

Good read

only the human race could be foolish enough to embrace a concept of being socially distant from itself. I really liked reading this one. Feel free to check out my work if you get a chance.

Stephen's picture

Cool write.


("Cool": a 1960's term.)