A Mad Man

In reason he does not rest in peace,

Like a wind ever impatient he is,

Acts irrationally like Othello,

At times appears childish so.


Humane feeling is not there,

In his heart’s sphere,

Utters words with no balance,

A full-fledged nonsense.


He keeps on defaming others shamelessly,

And is jealous awfully,

Of others’ success and deformed entirely,

Is his attitude truly.


He is a fool of fools,

His insanity rules,

Over his conscience,

Devoid of the least sense.


The endeavour to teach him is futile,

He keeps on with his idiotic style,

May God bless him well!


May he in wisdom dwell.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I just wrote it from my imagination. In fact, I had been working on a research article on the mad characters in William Shakespeare's plays. Suddenly, I thought about writing a poem about an 'insane' person. I hope you like it. :)

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:-D Enjoyed madly Mr Haque

Enjoyed madly Mr Haque Laughing



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Thank you

Thank you so much Mr. Bishu for your witty comment.