Second Coming

 The world shall,

 Witness epiphany of the messiah,

 Joining the Guided One in the east of Damascus,

 In the warfare against the Antichrist, the Dajjal.


  Everywhere shall the blood-dimmed tide be,

 Each naive soul will into caged birds be turned,

 For the night-like fiends the realm shall stretch,

 Till ripen the time is for the spiritus mundi.


  As after storm glances heavenly peace,

 And the night lures the sun to rise,

 Such will the circumstances be,

 With the hellions being secluded like the Outer Hebrides.


  Like Grendel, Gog and Magog will not be able,

 To withstand the power of divinity,

 And the poise that Christ is blessed with,

 Perish shall the fiends ending up in hell.

  The Saviour shall the leader be after the Mahdi passes away,

 With contentment breathing all around,

 The world shall a miniature heaven be,

 To embrace the Nazarene, the earth of Medina shall gladly stay.     

Author's Notes/Comments: 

In the poem, all the information concerning 'the second coming' are based on the beliefs in Islam. In the 5th line, 'Grendel' is the demon that Beowulf kills in the epic, "Beowulf".

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And we shall all await for

And we shall all await for the 2nd Coming.


While others write with restraint, you write with a free heart.



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Thank you