Life is…

Life is the sunny smile on your face,

And the healing hugs,

The long wait for my homecoming,

And the fountain of teardrops’ search for a trace.   


Life is the sweet breeze over the grass,

The blessing of a mother for the children,

Yes life breathes in the moonlit night,

When beauty merrily dances.  


Life is holding on the lap a newborn baby,

By the mother swollen with pride,

 And the sleepless nights of those in love,

As the nocturnal owls’ waiting idly.


Life is alive with mistakes,

It’s elation and grief at once,

Running alongside like a boundless rail line,

And the very taste of success.


Life lives in the soft silk-like kisses on your lips,

In the sail of the boat and Worsdworthian Mother Nature,

Along with the wings of the albatross,

In every thought of you 'my sweetheart', life exists.   

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