Your Beauty Amazed Me

 Oh! The moment you appeared,

 Before the eyes of mine,

 Blown away I was,

 By the beauty that you carried.


I kept on looking at you,

 Your eyes, hair, lips and didn’t pay heed,

 To the single word of yours,

 You walked in beauty, it’s true.


As the river waits to receive the fountain,

 And the river’s craving to hold the ocean close,

 Such was my feeling for thee,

 Why are you trying to bind love then?


 Isn’t ‘Singularity’ a mirage in the end?

 Let my heart with yours one mingle,

 Stop acting like that earthy worm,

 Earthy, callous and blind. 


To you, ‘grace’ should be another name given,

 If love is foolishness then let me be a fool,

 Let me love you and your loveliness for ever and ever,

 Seeing thy beauty ashamed shall feel Aphrodite and Helen.   


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