What is success?

 Ask myself I,

 Is it like those stars?

Appearing close like a mirage but not nearby.



Success like love can’t exactly be defined,

 It perhaps is that sigh of relief,

 After accomplishing something grand,

 As did fleetingly happen to Santiago lessening his grief.



As the axe of luminosity cuts the darkness,

 And the torchbearers like the saints pave ways,

 The same goes true with success,

 What the honest heart says.



Though the feeling like a thunder is momentary,

 But keeps flowing as blood the legacy of success,

 Injecting into others’ minds microbes friendly,

 Which boost them up to kiss the heavens.      



Success is feeling proud of the magnificent works,

 So sweet like honey,

 It’s at times being the muse and icon before others,

 Yet the meaning does vary; it’s not inevitably connected with money.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

In the poem, I have tried to define ‘success’. In the 8th line, Santiago is the old fisherman in Ernest Hemingway’s “The Old Man and the Sea” who catches a very big fish viz. ‘marlin’ and feels extremely excited and proud just after that. Unfortunately, the marlin’s blood leaves a trail in the water and attracts sharks. They eat almost all the parts of the fish and Santiago returns home only with the skeleton. Therefore, the feeling of success is in fact “momentary” but the effect lasts longer. That means Santiago has become the source of inspiration for others and in this sense he is ‘successful’.

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