A Lovable Dream

The other night,

I had a dream,

Of the not so familiar girl,

Colour dwelt in her name and complexion emitted light.


I just don’t know why,

The thoughts like roads,  

Directed me to her,

 A girl so beautiful and shy.


The hood of the rickshaw was on,

Isolated was the street,

The puller kept dragging the vehicle forward,

Wishing I was for a heavy rainfall just then.


The heart of mine,

Was beating faster than normal,

Didn’t really know what to do,

No idea of the destination.


Only two pieces,

Of hair were brushing against her cheeks,

Nearer I went, the lips touched,

Woke up I with the memory of endless kisses.      

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palewingedpoetess's picture

I simply love the other worldly way that you write........

I know you write this way because you likely speak another langauge first as your mother tongue and learned English later so the translation makes your poems come off as they do but I find it lovely as it has you writing things others say everyday but in a much different manner. That gives your poetry a unique flavor. Anyway, keep sharing. Sincerely, Melissa Lundeen.

KingofWords's picture

Thank you

Thank you so much dear Melissa. I appreciate your comment.