I will Miss…

 I will miss the loving touch,

 Of your palms on my cheeks,

 And the kisses as such,

 The teardrops’ not letting me forget you for weeks.


  I will miss the pleasure we shared,

 Not letting the pain visit,

 The life of ours, something we cared,

 And the raindrops’ plan for us to meet.


  How can I not miss the wonder on your face,

 Emerging each time looking at the gloomy heavens?

 That, for you the dazzling invitation-cards, produces,

 What about thy suspicion about my alleged Maenads.


  Ever cherish I thy hard embraces,

 The way the daylight grasps the earth as such,

 And on the breast of the sea the moon rests,

 Knows all my passion for thee including Phoebus.


  I will miss the kiss on my forehead and your warm breath,

 The star-like dazzles fashioned by thy teardrops truly,

Anger, ego, crazy laughter and all until the Archangel of Death,

 Appears taking me to the land of the dead blithely.   


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ramonathompsont's picture

Reminds me of me and my ex

Reminds me of me and my ex boyfriend. Painful

KingofWords's picture

Thank you

Thank you so much. :)