Lonely Boatman

Exceedingly relieved he is today,

Has kept his daily nuisance aside,

And decided to go for a ride,

All throughout the day.


Gentler appears the breeze,

Than ever before!

Soul longs for more,

With no startling cease.  


Senses the boatman as if he were,

In a utopia,

Gladly lets it absorb his entire dilemma,

By divorcing the oar.


At the corner he lies,

Looking at the charitable sky,

That very moment arrives a dazzling butterfly,

Planting on the left cheek a kiss.


Alas! Shattered like a miror the dream is,

Since water is endeavouring its best,

To consume the boatman and the rest,

Water, that lets the boat to float, brings its cease!      

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bishu's picture

Good to read and imagine the twinkling of Nature

Good to read and imagine the twinkling of Nature....

From you - esteemed poet came words so mature

Words fail me as I think and rethink what to say

Bits and pieces of dry,fallen leaves crushed on way

They speak the language of the steadiness of Nature

My  Friend aboard the Life Boat let fasten and  secure

The dry leaves each have its own unique tale to tell

Alas ! dear Nature I have no more wares to sell....

Mr Haque of Sylhet may make a poem out of this

Please indeed  write it in the next book of his  (For & dedicated  to the inventor of Potentry Smile )



KingofWords's picture

I'm honoured

I feel extremely honoured Mr. Bishu. Thank you so much for the elegant words of yours.