I Belong Here

I belong here,

It’s my home,

My Paris and Rome,

Ever in my heart, yes it’s there.


Life walks all over in full swing,

In the greenery,

In the grass that seems to speak in ecstasy,

And in the birds’ wings and the homecoming.


The river carries countless memories,

Both told and untold,

The lakes’ dreams bold,

The white heat’s love for the tea-leaves.


The hillocks have the pride lost,

With them that was earlier,

The language of the people is pleasant and singular,

The harmony of many sects magnetises us most.


The holy fragrance is in the air,

With the mausoleums of the legendary ones,

Long ago left the marks,

Yet alive and will always be in the hearts inner.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to the city, Sylhet.

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bishu's picture

Nice ! nice ! very nice my friend Mr Haque

Nice ! nice ! very nice my friend Mr Haque.So very true.No place as homeland.



KingofWords's picture

Thank you so much

My friend, I agree with you vis-a-vis the last words that you wrote- "no place as homeland."