Beginning of the End

 The beginning of the end,

 Has emerged at last,

 I have tried my best,

 Yet I alone cannot heal the wound.


  Perhaps I am to be blamed,

 Perhaps not, who knows?

 But the time acting as a prophet shows,

 That like the divergent continents separation is expected.


  As it pains when someone bleeds profusely,

 My heart shall encounter blood loss,

 But courageous I am like Hephaestus,

 Yet as the icebergs the memories shall melt slowly.


  Let the end strike,

 Enough of the Zen Buddhism-like-dhyana,

 Or thinking much over the area,

 Let the distance prevail in a manner quick.


The days have taught me to be hard like stone,

Rest assured because I like King Balak won’t visit,

Any wizard to harm or blight,

I don’t worry of the pain since like sadness it comes to be gone.    

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bishu's picture

Agreed with your theme.... specially the conclusion

Agreed with your theme.... specially the conclusion. The visible scars will heal but the unseen scars will haunt forever and ever. Be happy & well my friend.



KingofWords's picture

Thank you

Right you are my friend. Thank you so much for the comment.