Her Hysteria Amazes Me!

 As cool as cucumber she appears,

 At a first glance,

 Wearing the silence of Buddhism,

 All around her emergence.


  It’s when she starts smiling devoid of fear,

 A new ‘her’ in her I discern,

 As if a chick has just touched the light,

 Letting beauty be born around her.


  Even though hysteria means,

 The outburst of emotion or fear,

 Typified often by irrationality, weeping and laughter,

 Yet her wild laughing makes me avoid all other scenes.


  Once started, goes the smile on and on,

 I don’t think about Foucault and the term given,

 And can’t help appreciating the glow on her face divine,

 Akin to the bright ray of the morn.


 The child in her starts moving,

 Sweeping away all the melancholy,

 As dense as myriad Arabian nights,

 The very moment she keeps smiling.


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a.griffiths57's picture

    Beautifully expressed



Beautifully expressed poem I liked very much. Your words usage is realy good and I enjoyed the poem throughout. Thought the different emotions of laughter were described very well and loved the end verse with baby on the way, calming, gentle.




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Thank you

Thank you so much. :)

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A nice collection of ideas !!!!!

A nice collection of ideas !!!!!



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Thank you

Thank you so much my friend. I wrote it after a lapse of few days. I'm glad that you liked it.