Genesis Memoir 11/13/2013

A Genesis Memoir

     November 13, 2013


So my little bonfire failed tonight, had a few anxiety attacks. Starting to become easier and easier to find myself overwhelmed by situations and circumstances beyond my control. Noticed I've developed a 'nervous' tick with my left hand as well, not sure if this is in any relation to the constant pain I've been having in that hand now for over the last couple of months. I never mentioned it because its not a sever pain, more like an aching sensation. Many of my small/odd jobs have dried up, projects fell through. Ideas abandoned or sought a cheaper route. I've always loved a good challenge so while not the cause of my anxiety and stress, having no financial income has and still does add to it however. My parents poor health, their financial situation, and peace of mind, have been one of the few main triggers to my woes though.


Do not count me out just yet, As with any foe this one in the shape of a soulless beast intent on devouring my morality and my mentality as it beats me bloody and bruised to the ground. I carry an ace up my sleeve. My plan B, and it is starting to look like it just might be time to tip my hand.

They say time changes all, but there is a force in this reality that can bring forth change faster then time, in the blink of an eye one's whole perspective on this life can change, for the good or for the worst. A collision of brilliance and madness where truly something unique has been created. The spark of life, where mathematics form that structure it's the art that gives it soul.





Author's Notes/Comments: 

I will be setting up a few more updates here shortly, with a new Catagory for some new writings I will be publishing. I have decided to once again try my hand at a weblog. An online Journal, geared more towards creative writing and poetry as well as my favorite the shock value. This was wrote just a little bit ago on my facebook page.

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