Cede To The Fallen

Volume Three


Cede To The Fallen




Tell the reaper that I'm on my way, I'm coming home soon.

Cutting out my heart I watched my soul bleed, now there is no more room.

I've cried over the lost, closed my eyes I escaped to be found

searching for what seems to only elude me I now walk this shaky ground.


Whisper in this echo as it floods hell.

Chained to this sorrow, this misery is my cell

and there is no hope since I shot it in the head.

Published suicide, as I danced with the dead.


Am I alive or am I dead,

am I real or just this voice inside my head?

I struggle to maintain this facade,

just so I can force a smile in this mirage.

Don't mourn me in my passing hour,

I lived this life as a fucking coward.

Played this sick game just for fun,

with no real prize to be won.

Chased my own destruction, down this path of my own obsession

simply going through the motions, lost with no true direction.


Never been able to give up when all I wanted was to let go,

took it on faith as I kissed a dream I will never know.

Now I've grown numb watching this life quickly pass me by,

and in this coffin all my regrets form their cast as I wait to die.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

My Newest poem, The first and only piece I've finished in what feels to be about a year now......

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Elfy's picture

Very well written. You have

Very well written. You have lived your life, and have seen many things go by.

Dont give up, regardless of what life has given you, or what you have made it to be.

You can always change it somehow someway. Hope things get better soon.