My Work

Insolent minds;
are welcome to the view.
Sounds and colors climbing
to their heart's delight.
Pull down the blinds
nobody's watchin,true?.
Marvelous assumption
this rendering of sight.
Information is a bane;
communication, grief.
Emaciated ecstasy
is languishing in children.
We just want to breathe again,
oxygen's a thief.
Is this our legacy
chained in sheltered prisons?
Soul starved refrains
require new incision;
dying while supplying
cures for old infection.
We cry for rain,
then alter the decision,
Mother Earth is dying
to see her own reflection.
Make no mistake;
I too, love release.
and I like to feed from my blank screen.
Known to placate,
anything for peace.
But I'd rather tend the musings in between.
Yet still they rise;
attending to the masses.
Paying; bowing lowly
to the idols they hold dear.
News dues come at demise
of the quivering classes.
Sheep approach death slowly,
grinning ear to ear.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I have a political stance. I abhor politics.
Eyes open, ears up....

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