i press the blade to my hearthory,

tomorrow i shall be no more!

sweet nectar, rubies on my neck,

we knew it would an end!


monkey me , once upon a time,

sticky, warm, running along my neck,

this is no me,

sweet me,

kiss me, one last time!


all there is left,

some sickly letters,

vomit words on the screen!

so forgive me,

i shall be a shooting star!


it will my guts,

laid on the page,

i kiss you,

and the rain keep falling,

over my bonnes!





Author's Notes/Comments: 

time to move to my secret place

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That's a beautiful poem! But,

That's a beautiful poem! But, please, don't go! You are enjoyed here!


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Oh no!!! Don't go to your

Oh no!!! Don't go to your secret place. Stay here and keep kissing...

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