Nights and days fuse into one body,

Nature plays her trick again,

Slipping into a crystal ball,

Or simply loose my marble?

It would be so tempting to gently,

Grabbing it and mashing on the floor,

Of my metal breakdown,

All those broken thoughts,

Diamonds spreads in the gutter,

Where my sanity laid still,

Such is the animal bruise and crawling,

And his cold outside,

Death was never means to be warms!


Slowly watching my life,

Slipping away from me,

I stare at the page,

As empty as I feel,

Maybe not virgin,

But pure as I watch him,

Lying in a pool of blood,

The end is coming soon,

And I pray and all I hears,

Are the gentle moans?

I wish I could take the stone

And crack your skull,

Sharing the same emptiness.



A fox is dying in the gutter of London.

Peoples call you vermin’s,

If so, I would rather stay an outsider,

Your eyes stared back inside the core of my soul,

And I know, please don’t ask me,

Watching your slow goodbye,

And is cold outside,

I whisper in your ears a secret,

And, before I know,

The crystal ball is shatter,

Blood on my fingers,

Baby your pain is over,

Forgive me as I walk with the stone.




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that was beautiful!!!!!!!

that was beautiful!!!!!!!