I saw your picture in my secret musical box,

Once we used to be lovers,

And now we can not even be friends.

Is cold outside,

And yes, I am not in love anymore,

But we melted our flesh once,

And his cold outside,

When are you coming inside?

I can hear you whispering me,

“Remember you, I only love you”,

That fine, I shall leave the music box,

On the stairs and I know you still have the key,

Remember is better to forget then cry,

I wish you would come

But I wish impossible things

So I hope I won’t find your delicate frame frozen,

And if so, remember,

We used to be in love,

And my precious music box,

Sing our song,

The one we dance under the stars,

But is not the same you,

Even the song of my magic box

Tonight seems so tacky!




Author's Notes/Comments: 

everyones shouldhave a secret musical box...

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