But instead I will play dead, lying on a pool of deceit words, treacherous weapons, blade waiting to stab me, each one holding a peculiar pains.

I must admit at this stage I am getting butterflies in my stomach by such prospect, can you blame me for it?

Why bother with administration, when rules were made to be broken!

I say broken, so the light-hearted should leave the room straight away and not confuse my mind any more!


This must be short; secret should never be reveal but only whisper in the deepest night, for the brave soul to search…

Nature was probably the temple of it all, where all thing begun, where all things goes, the warm of the earth flirting with my rotten corpse! The pleasure of kiss, maggots crawling over my disintegrating skin…

This is one for you, think of it has a king in some poncy game, do I really need to say it, you know the name of the game…nooooooooo


My queen, how beautiful she is, so beautiful, that the word must be spoken and let the searcher wanting to see her once, that is…

Hair was made of rain, cold January rain, when the sky never sleeps and keeps feeling grey…

Skin bleach with moonlight, sucking out every dream of your pores.

Colour eyes dissolve with water ink, the trace of the poor on the greasy paper!

Voice like the wind of the south, warm to the deserted land.

But most of all a shatter heart made of glass diamond.

Little piece of glass, children’s collect believing there possess the richness of the world…

The rest is golden silence….


And the rest of the crews is quite frankly not very important, you will understand soon enough, has you probably know, what seem to be familiar can cut deeper than love!

Not ill feeling here, just another clue to the game we are playing!


You see I do love you, even after such cruelty, I guess what is not familiar must cross the village of ignorance with real humility. I never really say the true, to scare to hurt you the way you was pushing the blade each days!

But do not believe I am cursing you with it but instead and again without arrogance, thank you for it as I am about to drowned myself into my favourite juice!

I decided to be more adventurous and completely believe in me, how stupid and funny, I can not remember laughing so loud about myself…?

Do you start to understand the game?

Again I will warn you not to come if you feel the slightest feeling about unease, except that is, if your curiosity and hunger for true come first!


Too confusing already, make myself laugh even more! Wait to see the rest or should I say the bottomless abyss of this joke!

What? Don’t tell me you did not realise this is all a big fat joke!

I told you, I make people smile deep down, even when the light is gone for good. How do you think I survive this long?





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jimtwocrows's picture

I do love a good rant.

I do love a good rant.

I was going to say "fire hot-fire burn" I like it. sooo I guess I just did.

sanctus's picture

Very intense poem. I like it.

Very intense poem. I like it.

CrowPieD's picture

i don`t like this poem

i am glad u like it to ne honest, this piece od words , i would not even call it a poem, after reading it again and again, no oly i am no sure what i was try to expres but most of all, i think it mediocre, well at least 2 pls likei t.

somethimes i guess we write with no convicton, in this instance, well, the only think,i can explain my dislike of it, is: i was never good at writing HAPPY words.

Visual poet/ Libertine lost in a labyrinth of complexities, methaphors, searching for the essence/ Ink of life/ death to spell my syphilistic words on the page/ screen.