THE MERMAID



    It is in pain that sometimes the most nurturing love born….





It was a sunny afternoon, Sunday if I recall. I was sitting on the edge of a cliff, admiring the scenery. Like listening to classical music, my head was filled with the hysterical howls of the sea, when my eyes felt upon him and his upon my bosom!


        “Would you be so kind as to stop and engage in conversation with me?”


He gave me a quick glance, undressing my body. The heat of his youth raping my flesh, I could see his soul…


      “Could I steal a kiss from you?”


     “I see, you are the kind of fast lover and slow talker!”


     “Let me rephrase my question…

It would be delightful to engage in conversation. The subject doesn’t really matter, it is not after all, the knowledge of a study but the passion and understanding of it which make it interesting, as most topics seem to reach the same conclusion.


It is true also, that with such logic, silence would take place but as we know, what could be duller than complete holiness!


Words therefore have a purely simple purpose of aesthetic, useless syllables put together for a specific reason, a means to an end, in that situation to get your attention.

As a matter of fact, I can see that I have yours, finally….


It would be more honest to say that I have been sitting on the edge of this cliff as long as I can remember. Waiting for this minute. But your mind was too busy with meaningless thoughts to take notice of me. That is until today….


Do you believe in destiny? Maybe fate?

It is often, when the soul decides to halt the course of errand searching that it finally finds what it has been looking for. I stop looking for you long ago.

Instead I kept still in the middle of the tornado, knowing and finding great peace there, taking a glimpse at your passing shadow tormented by the storm, and as god is my witness, the sky suddenly believed the truth of my words…


You may sit next to me and enjoy such a delightful view.

I believe you are about to see a completely different picture of what might have been reality…


Look into the waves. Can you see their souls gorging in lusty pleasures?

Or perhaps the painting of the fading sun, licking the clouds with the last remains of his flaming tongue?

May be more to your fancy?


Is that your arm I feel around my waist?


Patience my boy, time will come soon enough to embrace me with such fervour. Do not rush the second, as each one passing by takes you closer to from where you came.


But instead, fill your whole being with the essence of it, taste each flower, poisonous or delectable nectar.

How many flowers have you smelled recently?


Could you tell me the tale of the yellow rose?

How honey-like it feels in sorrowful memory, reviving the sense of the dying, as the blossom opens, the eyes of a loved one close…


But do not let my oppressing words confuse you; pretty sentences they are. Each one a pearl, indeed making a beautiful necklace, which I admit, is exhilarating to place around your neck;

As a token of my love for you….



The sunset is nearly over, the purple shadow about to take place. You have been a good listener but I still sense the urge in you to press your lips against mine.

Strawberry their taste, pink likes the young raspberry.

So let it be, offer you what you have been waiting for and give you my kiss….”




The young man fell from the cliff with a single scream! His head bursting against the rock like a mature cherry crushed between the clumsy fingers of a child.

The last sparkle of light reflected on the obscure water as his body was swallowed into the sea….



Author's Notes/Comments: 

2 foots of creativity = 2 foots of destructive/ self destructive partern = herve/margot
ying and yang.

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Nice one

So touching

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merci merci beaucoup, bless

merci merci beaucoup, bless herve

Visual poet/ Libertine lost in a labyrinth of complexities, methaphors, searching for the essence/ Ink of life/ death to spell my syphilistic words on the page/ screen.       

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Just excellent!!!!!

Just excellent!!!!!

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1 kiss


I always love mermaids, fairies, pixies and geisha, i wrote a short story about a geisha, will try to post it, hope u will like it, but i am trying as usual to do two things as one as i ma trying to write my feelings about .....poets/ artists ( i hate this words) / creative souls etc...

i promess to some1 here to do so.

will see if i can find the geisha now, and then, back to work/ pleasure..

being such a twisted animal, i could not resist make the mermaid win...

just a methaphor to say, then sometimes one single kiss can kill!

blessings/ lights Herve

Visual poet/ Libertine lost in a labyrinth of complexities, methaphors, searching for the essence/ Ink of life/ death to spell my syphilistic words on the page/ screen.