On Tour

Touring empty halls,

Thirst for the darkness.

The deadness staling my heart;

I have no tears to weep.

My gutted head is putting me so far away.

To keep safe from your toxins.

The poison deep, the medicine awakening.


On the hours, I need you; I was left with sour sorrow.

Borrowing from the night, I begged you for light.

Now, I am in flight.

I seen righteous, to find it within the self.

From you, I escape your tightening grip.


I tour these blank spaces,

I thirst for my Earthly medicines 

My fight mode easing to allow me to rest.

I have bleed the best for you.

I have no tears left to cry.


I place all my might,

To keep us at a distance.

I burn the warm, all the pain.

I burn as my spirit rises from the cold ashes.


My eyes are dry from sorrow.

With boldness, I stand from our fall.


Broken wings like a fragmented plate.

Shattered heart, banding rings to contain the chaos.

In the gathering flames,  I rise with no tears to cry.

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