Charms and Spells,

Misfortune tells.

Make something disappear,

No regret, no tear...

Magical inverted triangle,

Inscription do bear.

One letter dropped,

Forming a triangle.

Abracadabra it is!

Warding off the plague,

Corruption of a phrase.

Quintus Serenus Sammonicus;

Inventing the erase.

"Abhadda kedhabhra",

Disappear at once!

"Abreq ad habra",

Hurl your thunderbolt

Even unto death.

Abraxas: The Gnostic God;

Evil Eye! O, Charm of mine!

Corruption of a Demon,

Of long-forgotten history.

Hobgoblin word,

Puritan Minister Increase Mather.

Crowley believed else,

Possessing great power 

In Abrahadabra itself!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Spiritual Magickal poem.

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Wiccan Bible Crowley?

I have a distant memory. - slc



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Like what?

Like what?