Lost In Translation

on high ground the pharoah
ordered the river
but that river kept on flooding
rivers don't speak the language of lashes


elsewhere the rainman
beneath the blue sky
but that drought sun kept on shining
weather marches to the beat of it's own drum


fast forward to the high priest
imploring, ordaining that sinners
be plagued
i was there at his funeral
we were all surprised that germs could hear prayers


yes, we were all amazed
observers of history
knowing that rivers don't feel pain
that weather has a secret taste in music
but somehow, some way
that little bacteria
could hear the high priest speaking latin


now on higher ground stands a billboard
ordering this mind to
feel awe
but this mind stays uninspired
see this mind don't feel hunger for possession


but how could a billboard
understand this lesson?
nor how could the designer
nor the financier
when pharoahs keep whipping rivers
rainmen keep dancing under blue skies
high priests keep forgetting they're human
and a single-celled organism, at any moment
can play God


look at all that's lost in translation
but if I had to choose
I'd join the rainman and keep on dancing
at least it'd give us something healthy to do
while there's nothing else abound to harvest

except thoughts of our impending doom



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saiom's picture

thank you






an evergreen poem


there is no doom, imo,

only the shedding of old body

clothes with the choice

either to merge in God

or take rebirth in new body clothes


thank you for sharing the poem



lyrycsyntyme's picture

Thank you kindly.   I nod to

Thank you kindly.


I nod to your feelings on doom. Doom, as it exists, is a temporary state, unless we stay suspended in it emotionally/spiritually.

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One Fabulous Line

"...join the rainman and keep on dancing" I think the cure for cancer lives in "...don't feel hunger for possession" Reference game show - put on Island with nothing, to survive POSSESS FAST! But also a mimim needs acquired economy. Liked lots your one-celled plague. Chuckled at funeral images "I was there at his funeral...germs could hear prayers ". You have a flare for cadence as tone setter and mood support. Neat layered metaphors.


Lady A



lyrycsyntyme's picture

Amen. Minimum needs being fed

Amen. Minimum needs being fed is not so much possession, as we use and return to nature (no need for me to be graphic there with the most literal form of this process). Possessing, at least as I am attempting to speak of it here and I think you are concurring with, is a desire to hold and control (consumption often is driven by this desire, rather than need). One cannot hold a piece of bread for very long, unless seeking to harvest mold :D


Appreciate you sharing with me that the verse about the high priests funeral hit a certain humorous mark with you. Just as I intended, it was received, at the very least with one reader. And one I particularly respect, so all the better. I do enjoy tone setting, as much as anything, when it comes to writing : )