like leaves upon
deciduous trees,
time and changes brought us to our knees
we never want winter to stay
or summer to leave,
and only some of us migrate
back up
from the ground
to arms stretched out
into the sun
as mister frost, that brumal beast
takes a deep, long breathe
green once more, the born again
who realized
they were never dead,
not even needing saving -


..only patience
and perseverance


though, looking out across windswept grasses
towards the emergent sumacs
reveals, to some,
some sort of power in numbers


..I'd call it the shielding of a friend


and so, to a dearest friend, I say
"forgive me this side effect of patience
in taking this long to say 'thank you'"
at this, you put an arm around me
your sunlit smile magnifying our star,
our enriching season
and say you only see, in my gratitude,
the beauty and grace of endurance


new leaves emerge


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Stephen's picture

An absolutely delicious poem.


lyrycsyntyme's picture

Thank you, Stephen! I

Thank you, Stephen! I appreciate that greatly.

Cascade's picture

This is awesome! It's never

This is awesome! It's never old to be enduring, graceful, grateful...a portrait of love. Beautiful!

lyrycsyntyme's picture

Thank you so very much. It's

Thank you so very much. It's never too late, as long as breathe still moves within the body : )