Human Shields

not once did i taste
any bitterness
in those wafers
at communion


not even in the host that fell
on the rug first and that i grabbed up
quickly, embarrassed
failing to wipe the dirt off before that
second amen


so how did you learn
to break bread
with such a sour face
at the sermon


was it shared recipe
or was it your master baker
when you were apprenticed
it's not your fault if your dough rose
when he touched it


i promise
you don't have to collect human shields
to protect you from the fire
of the oven

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Other People's Religion. i used to go for the singin'. After decades, the sermon is the same.




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Yes, it is. I think you

Yes, it is. I think you highlighted one of the draws, for some people: the comfort of knowing what they'll find. I grew up going to catholic church. Every Easter season we read the same passages, every Christmas season, and so on. If the church was really trying to spice it up, they'd change one passage in the monthly reader : p  It took me a few years to figure this out, because I spent so much time staring at the beautiful stained glass windows ,and day dreaming about playing baseball later that day :D