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Thought For Food

In the matter of time
It'll take me
To write to you, dear reader,
This major news brief
Ninety children will have starved
"Gone over to the other side"


But please
Don't flip to page 27
Even that deep in the paper
I assure you it won't be mentioned
Turn back to the major story
Of the hour, or click the fresh link


Some controversial millionaire died
On that report
My editor, his bosses
and Their bosses can be sure
Dear readers, you will bicker among yourselves
Dividing apart further
Through latest oversized


About one man who fed division
Instead of together mourning
Those ninety children
And counting, by the second..


...Which might lead you all to do something about it

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allets's picture

3.1 million children starve

To death annually. A horrible death. Usa kids hungry, sad. russsshhhhhh!!!



lyrycsyntyme's picture

Indeed. Our most awful mark

Indeed. Our most awful mark as a civilization. 10 million, when counting all deaths of malnourishment.