The Truth


The truth may not set you free

But it will help you to see your chains

And I suppose that's a start


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eventually we will figure out

eventually we will figure out how to get out of these shackles.  I suppose seeing them is the first step toward removing them.

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Hmm, maybe, maybe.

Hmm, maybe, maybe. Collectively as a whole - doubtful. Individually, case by case - hopeful. But may you be right. :)

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A start, unshackling infinite

A start, unshackling infinite chains one by one,

entering the introspection of the proud mother

Nice little poem indeed you have writ.

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Infinite chains. Quite a

Infinite chains. Quite a thought. And, I imagine, quite an accurate description.


Boy, what a surprise on Ebeneezer Scrooge's face when he died. "Dammit, Marley lied to me. I did all that good and still - look at all these chains! I can't see the end of it all!" So maybe he was told a half truth :)



(And thank you, by the way!)