Passion for Ships to Elba (Exiling The Sun)

I recall the day
Like it was yesterday
When the sun was exiled
Cast out of sight


Accused and convicted of
Continuing to shine rays upon
All on the places
For which
It had been reprimanded
Places of the despicable


I recall the day
Some day in the future
When the sun was exiled
Cast out of sight


I recall the day, now
Because I won't be able to then
It was inevitable,
Some said
That man was a time bomb
With itch for self destruct button


We probably won't kill ourselves
On the outside, But look at us -
We're dying within
More and more
Can't even exchange thoughts
Without ships around the bend


So I'm just trying to find some way,
some way that helps
To express to you how much folly
there is at the core,
At the very heart of what's built within
All this passion for ships to Elba,
As if that castigation
Is the freeing of a Whydah Gally

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I different use of theme built around the sun's death than in "I Watched The Sun Drown Today".

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allets's picture

Exile Metaphor


We'll be back! A dimmer median Sol, enough to grow kids under. For as long as the climate stays in our living range.  



lyrycsyntyme's picture

I do hope so. As always,

I do hope so. As always, appreciating the spirit of your hope.

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A deeply creative and

A deeply creative and resounding message. I hope the world is listening. I love your plea. Let the sun shine in. Let it fill you with light. Blessings to you, dear poet. I'm glad I came here today.

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Thank you. I'm grateful you

Thank you. I'm grateful you did visit, and that it was worth your time.


I hope with you. This little mouse is certainly squeeking as loud and clear as one little mouse can. If enough of us little mouses...