An Unwanted Man


disappointed bystanders looked on he was carried to drier sand
yesterday he washed up on that distant shore from where ever he must have began
you see, he couldn't remember where he'd been before that fateful day
and, quite simply, no one could tell him, just resigned him to his old boarded up place
seems that long, long ago they'd all thought with a grin that he'd been washed away
till, in a heave, in a wretch, he was coughed back up by the sea one day


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patriciajj's picture

A compelling backstory waits

A compelling backstory waits to unfold. I'm certainly intrigued by the dramatic questions swirling in this skillfully woven scene. Great writing that hooks the reader within seconds. 

lyrycsyntyme's picture

Thank you very much : ) I

Thank you very much : ) I hope to flesh this out into a write that is so worthy.

georgeschaefer's picture

sounds lonely but the

sounds lonely but the poignancy is striking

lyrycsyntyme's picture

Yes, thank you. It's sort of

Yes, thank you. It's sort of a poetic outline for an idea I had for a novel.