The Poetic Peace Pipe

please pass the poetic
peace pipe
till the end
of this endless
flame retardant night


limited by blind spots

under a moon-quelled starscape

and swelling cataracts

of the restrictions of sight


only have each others
trips within our own worlds
with which to find other walks of life


and raise hope
to ever find
the daylight
that mythical resuscitating sunrise
night vision goggles don't work as advertised
and at the end of another late night shift of sand
nothing else has ever brought me back from exhausted


so please keep on
keep passing it around

the swelling of my eyes

i can feel worlds in the droplets

Author's Notes/Comments: 


Let not, at least, little world's been driven apart. Best to all :)

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Metaphorical magic. With

Metaphorical magic. With innovative flights of language and striking wit, you navigate the dark night of despair and guide us to the door of light: the peace that frees us. A skillfully constructed and crucial message. Thought-provoking and illuminating work.