The Blind Mile

Twisted Branches

We celebrate
The exit
Of a dirty-mouthed


And welcome
To office
A dirty-nosed


Welcome to America  
Where we trade off blind spots
As people keeping their heads down
Cross the eight lane highway to no where
Hoping to get there in one piece

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And Pence's Dreams

are dashed. Ultimate declarations if newly lst faith. 400 years of Amerikkkan institutional failure? Aaaaaah...welcome to the dark side. What will be joyous is watching the getting out of several rather deep holes. Not fisenfranchised, not revolution, basically parr and same o same oh. Psst...tough skinned billionaires are empathyless and impervious to name labels. So are new Prez usa oval off destined. The noise will fade, rebuilding will douse hatred and confusion, and two guns per citizen won't change anything.