there is lint
on my cloth
it's lint
I've never noticed before


I don't know
how it arrived
or where
it's from, but it's odd


I don't know
just how long
there, it's been
suddenly someone pointed to it


they said
"what the hell,
what is that?"
and they backed an extra six feet up


seems they read the news
about those smuggled clothes
in from Russia or China
possibly full of germs


and, hell,
that might be a germ
they've never taught us
much about germs in school
so I'll no longer go out
shamed, ridiculed
I feel naked, so
I won't wear clothes
I'll just hide in my emptied closet,
all alone


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I've read a handful of your

I've read a handful of your writings so far, and will read more when time allows. This is whimsical and enjoyable to the point it made me smile,while a few of the others, from fireflies, to farewells to love, and the passing of life and it's sadness, made me feel the loss. 

   I enjoy your writings, they are well worth my time and I thank you for sharing. 

lyrycsyntyme's picture

Hey, thank you so much for

Hey, thank you so much for the kind words of appreciation. I'm glad you've found some enjoyment here, in my sort-of little book of thoughts. I hope that any future visits give you a similar satisfaction. Much gratitude :)