There are things that, I don't know

If in this life I'll ever understand

I hope someday that i'll sit with you, 

Sit beside you hand in hand


Get to ask you such things

But I never thought much then

About where things could lead

Living beside you as a friend


Seems what you needed was 

Someone who didn't ask for much

I think what you needed was 

Just a friend

From a man

Just a friend


To give you support through it

Without so much to gain

Someone to stand there with you

While you figured out how to close the gate

On yesterday, him and his ways

Someone to offer you strength

When through your sickness and struggle 

You needed to rest

Someone with whom to pray

Who didn't split the energy 

Of a shooting star in two

Half for them when you needed the whole of a miracle

And oh,

I hope

I was all of that to you

There were those who loved you

In their own way

But oh,

I hope 

I was all of that to you


Just a friend


Just a friend



I hope

I was all of that to you


...and i still am..

Author's Notes/Comments: 

burning candles lead a trail back twelve years

where do they head?

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I like so much this poem, It is Wonderful writing and  so inspired me. Carry on to write. Long live and be happy always. so thanks.


Your stature, visage and old memories

Till now remain in my wistful eyes

Rab Nawaz Khan



lyrycsyntyme's picture

Thank you very much. I'm

Thank you very much. I'm grateful for the time you took to read, as well as share your thoughts, and especially that these words carry some meaning for you, too.